Departure Regime

Because of the high starting current of the induction electric motors, the time consumed in the acceleration of loads of a high Gates AX34 Tri-Power Belts inertia results in the rapid rise of the motor temperature. If the interval between successive starts is greatly reduced, this will lead to excessive temperature rise in the windings, which can damage them or reduce their useful life. The standard NBR 7094 constitutes a minimum starting system that the engines must be able to perform:

Two consecutive starts, the first with its windings at room temperature, ie with the engine cold, and the second following, which occurs after the engine has decelerated to rest and the other starting with the engine warm, or either with the windings at regime temperature.

The first condition simulates the case in which the first engine start is aborted, by the shutdown of the protection, allowing a second attempt soon after. The second condition feigns the case of an accidental shutdown of the motor in normal operation, such as power failure in the network, allowing to resume operation soon after the power is restored.

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