Concepts of Ventilation

It is valid to emphasize that the air flow can expel all the dust, as well as small elements considered light that, through their accumulation, end up in the obstruction of the existing openings or channels, preventing the passage of air and the normal dispersion of heat, factor which may lead to a considerable increase in engine heating. However, it is common to find in the industry motors installed in small spaces ami ucpx08-24 that can limit air circulation, thus causing unnecessary overheating. When dealing with motors that depend exclusively on external forced ventilation, stopping the fan motor assembly may result in a number of factors considered to be harmful.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the efficient operation of the installations, it is necessary to adopt some preventive measures, such as carefully cleaning the ventilation holes, cleaning the fins, removing dust and fibrous materials, ensuring that the installation site of the motor allows circulation check the operation of the auxiliary ventilation system and the free circulation of air in the ventilation ducts. In motors with self-ventilating devices, the cooling air is generated by a fan, which may be internal or external and which is driven by the motor shaft.

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