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Di Bologna – Since 1970
01Internationally known meeting point for Curitibans. This is a little bit of the history of this
restaurant: Founded in 1972 by the “Famiglia Caliceti” this magnificent temple of the bologna
region’s gastronomy, from which this family descends, who introduced pasta such as “torteloni
verdi di ricotta”, “lazagne verdi di alla” in Brazil bolognese”, “tortellini in brodo” and so many
other delights of this region so known in the world for its pasta and sauces.
Frequented by celebrities and people who cultivate the quality and flavor of the dishes. After
all these years this restaurant, which is still run by “Famiglia Caliceti”, remains an icon of Italian
cuisine under the command of Cheff “Erminia Caliceti” innovates at every moment both in the
pasta designer and in the wonderful creations of breads, sauces and sweets that are famous
among the regulars.
Winner of the Gula 2008 trophy. Elected for the 4th time as the best Italian restaurant in
Curitiba by Veja Magazine. Photographed by David Zingg for the Selections Magazine Canada
edition. Attended by Antony Quinn, Bon Jovi, among others, praised by actress Irene Ravache
in an interview with Jornal do Brasil.
Since 1970, Caliceti has been a reference in Italian cuisine in Curitiba. The union of traditional
cuisine with a modern touch in serving. Come and discover why we are one of the most
traditional restaurants in Curitiba.

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